To inspire a transformation to conscious learning and living by awakening potential genius and creating optimal learning and living for all.


Life is lived on a mundane or spiritual level. Our experience is determined by our level of openness, receptivity to wisdom, truth or Spirit, however we define it. Two skills are imperative to live the fullest life possible: First, we must be open and willing to receive wisdom, insights and inspiration, which is the process of learning. Second, we must allow wisdom we receive from Spirit to change our lives, attitudes and circumstances to foster new and unlimited possibilities. Inviting Aha!s, and learning to flow seamlessly with it, are the necessary skills and techniques to assure a positive life experience. Experience equals learning, thus life is an educational process which can be mundane or spiritual. Transformation from the mundane to the spiritual occurs with every moment of wisdom, insight and learning so we experience life optimally.

Both cognitive and intuitive thinking are required to access wisdom. Opening to receive epiphanies creates a pathway to fully use and integrate both brain hemispheres. Knowledge and intellect, from our left brain and wisdom/Spirit from the right brain, are the fuel for these tools used to enhance life’s experiences. We learn via new insights, thoughts, and ideas. The degree to which we are open to life experiences and are willing to embrace the resulting insights, defines our quality of life.

A student of life has the opportunity of constant evolution, welcoming each moment with a “beginner’s mind” — and with a sense of wonder and imagination in knowing that boundless opportunity is afforded to all.  Taking advantage of this wisdom/Spirit leads one to limitless possibilities and horizons. Education has the opportunity–and the responsibility–to bring out this wisdom/Spirit in all students. This responsibility has the greatest possibility in our culture to ignite and support the breadth of life’s experiences within each student, promoting and embracing the fullness of life, which positively changes the world, one teacher—one student at a time.

*  Clarity erases confusion.
*  Cognition eliminates frustration.
*  Optimal learning conditions enable insight.
*  Teachers recognize, create and sustain learning moments by teaching with wisdom/Spirit.
*  An overwhelmed teacher relaxes to hear wisdom from within.
*  Students and teachers craft their learning formula to access genius.


[pullquote style=”left”]Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”[/pullquote]

                                -Albert Einstein


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