[three_fourth]Dr. Fletcher specializes in content from her books, Wisdom from the Inner Teacher: Turning Aha!s into OWL Moments and Teach with Spirit: The Teacher’s Inward Journey Guide. She guides us to rely on the powers from within to access those often overlooked “aha” moments–whether we’re the teacher or the student–or even if we’re outside the classroom. It serves as a training tool for educational development, self-help trainings and keynote addresses.

Professional Learning

Workshops are designed and delivered to meet the individual uniqueness of the audience group. Presentation length is custom designed and includes follow-up to assure successful implementation of the delivered concepts. For a partial list of previous workshops, see The Work.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote address topics are individually designed or can be chosen from the list of Speaking Topics in The Work.

Leadership Coaching

Working with individuals or a cohort of leaders to increase knowledge skills and focus on creating the required tools and strategies to promote higher student achievement. Leadership coaching offerings include: Individual, Team, or Coaching Skills Development. These offerings draw on deep understanding of the effectiveness of assessment, feedback and support including:

* Using best practices throughout the coaching engagement
* A commitment to real, demonstrated leadership development
* A code of ethical behavior that ensures complete trust

Voice Work

For 13 years, Janice Fletcher served as the producer and host of her educational TV show “School Talk,” aired on Atlanta cable networks. She continues to use her professional speaking skills not only for keynote speaches and leadership training, but for recordings of books on tape and other recorded speaking projects. Some samples are provided here:

Quantum Consciousness -Chapter 1       Spritual Being – Chapter 1      Spiritual Love – Chapter 1

Helping Hands

Dr. Fletcher is available to assist with your ongoing project needs. She can take the lead for your understaffed initiatives; to lead or assist in school/quality reviews; or serve as an extra team member with an objective/outside view. She can facilitate difficult conversations and mediate conflict resolutions. Perhaps you don’t have enough time to write the grant, report or gather research or documentation? She can help.
[pullquote style=”left”]There is a deep, innate, almost inexpressible yearning within each one of us to find our voice in life.”[/pullquote]

-Stephen Covey


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